Friday, December 21, 2007

We are having A...

Yes! That is right! Pink means that we are adding another girl to the family. Haley is thrilled that it is another girl. Tyler was completely sure it was going to be a boy. All he could say was, "Oh Man! Not another one!"

We are really excited for this baby, and are happy that she is healthy and growing stong. Now, we just need her to take a pacifier, take a bottle, not cry very much, and like the car! That's not too much to ask right? We were not as lucky with the first two!

We are already up in Utah for the Holiday, and the kids are having a blast. They love the snow! I wanted to post a picture of them running out to the snow first thing this morning. And, I mean first thing. They love it! We hope you all have a Merry Christmas, and we will be back to blogging when we get back. Maybe for the New Year, I will make it a goal to post more on our blog!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Funny Monkey!

I signed Haley up for her first gymnastics class a few weeks ago. She absolutely LOVES it! I knew she would, considering how bouncy and flexible she is. I had to post this picture, because she is actually really obedient to the teacher! (What happened to obeying her mom?? Who knows!) But, when she is told to sit on her yellow dot, she always does! Here are a few pictures of her swinging, balancing, and enjoying herself.
She does Handstands against the wall all over the house now! She is so proud!
She has No Fear of the Bar, at all! Makes me a little worried!
It has been such a fun class for her!

Kauai for Thanksgiving...without kids

For Thanksgiving this year, we left our kids with my parents and went to the island of Kauai with Scott's family. This was the first time I had ever left my kids for that long of a time and so I was a little nervous before we left. But, of course, we ended up having a great time, and so did the kids - they love spending time with their grandparents and uncles. I really appreciate my family for all of their help! I am so lucky to have them. Hawaii was beautiful, and we had great weather almost the whole week. I also realized I am a much better picture taker when the kids are around. I kept forgetting my camera, and so to see more pictures, you may have to check my sister-in-laws' pages! Here are a few things we did while there.
We went on a Zodiac boat, basically an over-sized raft, for a 5 hour ocean-trip to the NaPali Coast. A bit of advice, don't ride on this if you are pregnant. Yes, I didn't take that advice and hopped right on. As you can imagine, I was over the side of the boat feeling terrible! Scott's sister Jenny was right with me. But it was a fun experience for the rest of the crew! On the way back it was raining, and we were still cruising. So rain was pelting us as we rode back to the dock. Ouch! We all look lovely in this picture!
One of the days, we went Kayaking up a river, where we ditched the kayaks, and hiked to a really pretty waterfall. The water was freezing, and so the only people who got in were Mike (Shannon's husband), Peter (Scott's brother), and Brooke (Scott's sister). Fun for them!

The last day was the Utah vs. BYU Game. We were able to watch it in a Sport's Bar, which as you can imagine, made Scott's day. He gets so into those games, it is hysterical. Pacing around, hands on his head! It makes me laugh! But, I love it, and wouldn't have it any other way. It turned out great with BYU winning in dramatic fashion once again. It was a great trip, and we are grateful to Scott's parents for having us all go.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

He's Home

Steve is back! We have all been so anxious for him to come home from his mission. Two years has seemed liked FOREVER! It was so exciting to watch him come down the stairs at the airport. He looks great! It was the first time Steve met Haley, and my older brother's little boy Gavin. The kids fell instantly in love with him. And the brother's/brother-in-law got him right into action. There were plenty of games to watch on T.V., ping-pong challenges, some tennis tournaments, and Scott organized a flag football game for Saturday morning. Nothing like getting the body back in to shape! We love Steve and are so happy to have him home!
Steve and I at the airport
A few of us at the airport

Halloween Fun

We had a great time celebrating Halloween in Utah. It was nice, because it wasn't as cold as it normally is during this time of year. The kids loved Trick-or-Treating! Tyler dressed up as a "Fireman", which he was so proud of. He told us that if he were down with the fires in Southern California, he would put on his fireman outfit and put all of the fires out! He honestly watched the news every night to see what was going on with the fires.
was a witch. And, when asked what she was, Haley told everyone she was a "Cute Witch"! We put make-up on her, which she absolutely loved! She kept asking for more purple on her eyes. She is definitely a girl!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Moving on to…3

I am getting excited, because we are leaving tomorrow for Utah. My little brother is FINALLY coming home from his mission in Warsaw, Poland. We are going to be up there for Halloween, and so I will try to get some pictures posted of the kids in their costumes. They are so excited to go Trick-or-Treating! Before I left, I wanted to post a little update on our family. Yes, the rumors are true, I am pregnant with our third! We are very excited, especially Tyler and Haley. When we told Tyler, we were driving in the car. Here was our conversation:

Me: “Tyler, Mommy is going to have another baby.”

Tyler: “You are? That is so sad.”

Me: Thinking and panicking to myself, “Oh my gosh! He doesn’t want another brother or sister.” I asked, “Why is it so sad?”

Tyler: “ Because Mommy, it is so hard to push them out!”

So cute! I told him he was such a sweetheart for caring. I think he has been listening to me tell about my horrifying delivery with him a little too much! He is very excited though, and he is SURE it is a Boy. He only wants a brother. I know there are many pregnant friends right now to sympathize with me on this - The first part of pregnancy STINKS! I am getting really tired of feeling so gross. Hopefully now that I am 12 weeks it will slowly start getting better and I will have more energy! I am due at the beginning of May. It should be a fun summer at the Fuller Home!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

We've got a Mission...

Haley, waiting for her party to start!

…To Celebrate Haley’s Birthday! She turned 2 years old today. It is hard to believe that she has been in our lives for 2 years already. She has the sweetest, yet spunkiest, little personality. She brings so much life and excitement into our home, and we love her so much!

For her birthday this year, we had a “Little Einstein’s” party. We actually had her party last Saturday, and so you can imagine her surprise when we woke up singing Happy Birthday to her, again! 2 birthdays for a big 2 year old! She walks around saying, “Happy Birday Hadey!” It is so darn cute! My parents are the best, and drove down last weekend to help with the party. We love you guys! We made little T-shirts for each child with their name on it, took them on a balloon hunt, had pizza, and the Best Part of All…. Mine and my Mom’s invention of the “Rocket Cake”! It looks a little pink, but it was still cute!

Haley is such a little jumper and tumbler, that for her birthday, we got her a little trampoline that she can bounce on all she wants. She is in heaven! Happy Birthday Haley!! We LOVE YOU!

All of the kids in their new shirts
Haley in her new P.J.'s on her new trampoline

Sunday, September 30, 2007

** Kids **

I really wanted a new post, but we haven't really done anything exciting to post about, so... I decided to put on some pictures of the kids. A few weekends ago, while we were in Utah, my mom and I decided, last minute, to go and try to get some pictures taken of the kids. They turned out pretty cute, considering how rushed we were, and how excited the kids were to take pictures! I just love these 2 kids. They are so much fun to be with, and always make life interesting. It has finally cooled down here. We are so excited. We have actually been able to go to parks, ride bikes, and walk outside without sweating too death. We love it!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Happy Anniversary...6 Years



It’s hard to believe that it was 6 years ago today that we were married. We’ve lived in 4 different cities, had 2 wonderful children along the way (a boy and a girl - Perfect!), and Scott, my amazing husband, who could have chosen to play Pro Baseball, Tennis, or be an NFL Quarterback,(HA! HA!HA! I am totally joking by the way. Would I seriously write something like this, and be serious? I just said it because it would be his dream. Like every guy, of course.) opted to support our family and be a Lawyer/yogurt salesman!!! I couldn't be more grateful or love you more! It’s been an amazing 6 years and I know it will just keep getting better and better. I love you! Happy Anniversary!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My First Day of Preschool, Disneyland, Happy Birthday Dad, BYU vs. UCLA

These past few weeks have been busy, but so much fun for our family. It will be weird not to have any trips for the next little while. To start off, last Thursday was Tyler's first day of preschool. YEY! He was so excited. But, there was a problem. We were supposed to leave for S. California on Wednesday to meet up with some friends. Scott still thinks I am crazy, but I was determined to have my little guy go to his first day of pre-school. I mean, with 6 kids (4 girls and 2 boys) I wouldn't want him to feel left out for any reason!! So, he went and loved it, and we ended up leaving on Thursday after preschool. (It was worth it to me!) On Friday, we met up at Disneyland with some of our good friends from Northern California, the Vincents and the Warrens. Too much fun! There were BYU fans EVERYWHERE. Saturday was, of course, GOLF Morning for the guys. Then we left for the BYU game at 12:45p.m. And yes, the game didn't start until 3:30. I continued asking why we needed this 3 hour buffer, explaining that as long as I am there before kick-off I am happy. Once we hit the traffic, thanks to a massive wreck, I had to apologize for complaining to the men. It took us over 2 1/2 hours to get to the game. Tobi and Scott ended up jumping out of the cars to run to make it before kick-off, while we wives parked the cars. CRAZY! It was pretty funny, because they jumped out of the cars pretty far from the Stadium. I am sure glad these 2 guys are in such great shape!! It ended up being a really fun time, even with the loss. And then, finally, Sunday was Daddy's Birthday. The Big 29! It was a very relaxing day. So, now we are back in Las Vegas getting life going again. Here are a few pictures of the events. I didn't take any pictures of the game though, which I was sad about.

Maressa, Tobi, Andrew, Tyler, Scott, and I at Disneyland

Who got the teapot duty with the kids? Sorry Scott! I am sure it was enjoyable!

Me and Maressa

Happy Birthday Dad! (With Tyler and Scott's Favorite homemade German Chocolate cake. Yes a 4 yr. old LOVES that cake. Funny!)
I think Haley started blowing first she was so excited!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


This post is for my little brother Steve. He wanted a dog so bad, and finally got one. He named him "Tag". He is one of those dogs that you stay away from, not because he bites (because he doesn't)! He is hyper, he jumps, and he is just plain crazy. He is one of the reason's why my poor children will never get a dog. So sad, I know. Anyway, whenever we go up there, we stay away from this poor dog and make my Dad chain him up for us. This last time, however, my kids LOVED him. They were petting him and playing with him the whole time. I know Steve would be happy to hear that. He returns home from his Mission in Warsaw, Poland in a few weeks. We are so excited we can't wait. We love you Steve!


Those of you who know Scott, understand his complete loyalty to BYU Football. He has to be one of the biggest fans. So, we made our way up to Utah for the first Kick-Off of the season. It turned out great, because they won! Yeah! It was extremely hot the first half, so thank goodness for Grandma Nash who kept Haley and Jake (Brandon and Brittany's little guy) home. She is wonderful! We are now heading down to watch the UCLA vs. BYU game this Saturday. It should be a lot of fun. I have to add, that I let Scott create the playlist for the blog. I did do a little editing, but I had to leave the ACDC song on for his football season!

Grandpa's Birthday

While we were in Utah, we were able to celebrate my Dad's Birthday with him. Tyler went down to his work for lunch and they fed ducks, then for dinner we had a Bar-B-Que. Grandpa always takes Tyler on a scooter ride whenever we go to visit. He is such an amazing guy, and as Tyler puts it, "Can fix anything!" He really can, it is great.

Grandma and Tyler

Grandpa's little princess

Monday, September 3, 2007

Fun Times

I know I have been terrible at posting lately. First, I started reading the “Twilight’ series, which everyone else has highly recommended. That took up a few straight days of doing nothing else but reading. Can I just say I loved those books. I really wish that I didn’t have to wait until next fall to finish them. Oh well, if anyone has any new book selections please let me know. I need some new books to start on.

Then, we went up to Utah all last week. It was beautiful up there. I absolutely love the fall time in Utah. We were able to, celebrate my Dad’s birthday, play tennis, go to a family reunion, BAR- B-QUE, see old friends, and of course, the BYU GAME! Which, turned out to be a success, with the win. It was so much fun. And my amazing Mom gives me such a break with the kids. They absolutely adore her, We just got home late last night, and so pictures will come soon.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Congrats Shannon and Mike

I already posted a few pictures of the last busy weekend, but I wanted to post a few of the wedding. It turned out great, and Shannon and Mike seemed very happy. We are really happy for them.

Shannon with Tyler and Haley

Brooke, Jenny, Brittany, and Me with Haley outside the temple. Haley was a little grumpy!

Do they all look alike or what?
Tyler, so proud that he went and got himself a drink
One of the family pictures. Why is it, that there is never a picture where everyone is looking, smiling, and not doing something crazy? Hello? We took about 20!
All of the girls at the temple

Scott, Brandon, and Haley hanging out at the reception