Thursday, September 18, 2008

Scott turned 30 !!

SURPIRSE!! While we were up in Utah this past weekend, I threw a surprise 30th birthday party for Scott. We had both families up there, and our good friends the Vincents, Zollingers, and Warrens all in town to celebrate and make it fun. Scott golfed morning and afternoon that day so I could get the house prepared with the food and decorations. This picture was taken right when he walked in from golfing. The kids were so excited!!

It wouldn't be a real birthday party without a few sporting events for the guys to compete in. I rented some awesome games at the party store for all of us to play. The guys had a blast! We started out with the football throw...

Then moved on to Basketball... and ended with the Baseball throw. (I didn't take any pictures of that one.) I had medals and gumballs for each event winner! You gotta love it!

Since the kids weren't involved in any of the events, I had a football pinata for them to go crazy with. There were so many kids between all of us! Here is my little nephew Gavin taking a few whacks at it! The kids had so much fun with it!

Here's a bunch of the guys all posing for a fun "party" picture! And for all you BYU fans, yes, that is Harvey Unga there to celebrate Scott's birthday with us! It was fun having him there.

In fact, it was Havey's fiance Kalani's birthday as well. We had her and Scott blow out the candles together.

Scott's favorite gift from Tobi! A real football helmet. He couldn't have picked a better gift!

Especially with the weekend football game. It was a blowout! Here is Steph, Maressa and me at the game (with no kids! YEY!) I did have to meet my family at half time to feed Kate in the car. They were all laughing saying it was Drive-thru nursing! Perfect!!
Joey, Tobi, Scott and Jeff at the game. They were all smiles that day! It was a great weekend with everything. It was so nice to be back together with all of our good friends! Happy Birthday Scott!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Blessing Day

Here is sweet Kate on her blessing day. The day turned out great, with both families able to attend. And, for those of you who remember Haley's 15 second blessing!!:), Kate didn't cry at all!! I have never blessed any of my children at home, but I loved it. There was such a great feeling and so much love!! She is a doll to have!
Smiley Kate!

Tyler, Haley and Kate

Kate with Dad and Mom