Thursday, August 23, 2007

Congrats Shannon and Mike

I already posted a few pictures of the last busy weekend, but I wanted to post a few of the wedding. It turned out great, and Shannon and Mike seemed very happy. We are really happy for them.

Shannon with Tyler and Haley

Brooke, Jenny, Brittany, and Me with Haley outside the temple. Haley was a little grumpy!

Do they all look alike or what?
Tyler, so proud that he went and got himself a drink
One of the family pictures. Why is it, that there is never a picture where everyone is looking, smiling, and not doing something crazy? Hello? We took about 20!
All of the girls at the temple

Scott, Brandon, and Haley hanging out at the reception

Welcome Home Peter

I am a little slow on the posting, but last week we spent a long weekend down in Southern California with Scott's family. His brother Peter returned home from his mission, and his sister Shannon married Mike Davis. It was a very busy weekend for the family! We picked Peter up from the airport, and then later that day went down and had a bonfire on the beach. It was a lot of fun for the kids. Here are a few pictures.


Haley with her Balloons!!

Our family. For some reason, Tyler is showing his stomach in every picture. He must have thought Maci was going to be looking at these:)!!!

Tyler was proud of his sign


Scott, Tyler, Peter & Haley

Tyler and Dad were so ready for his first body surfing lesson...which lasted one time! After the first wipe-out, Tyler was finished. It was okay though, because everyone was being told to stay out of the water because of sting rays! Yikes!

The kids loved watching Shannon and Jenny get the corn ready. Then, when it was time to eat they LOVED IT! Jake wanted some corn so bad, but his two cousins didn't seem willing to share!
Here is the fire, with Brandon, Brittany, Shannon, Brooke, Tyler & Haley all ready to cook the Hot Dogs! Too much fun!

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Those of you who don't live around family know how wonderful it is to have them come and visit. We were so lucky this summer to have my brother Rich (Uncle Chi Chi) live with us, and help work at the stores. Then, we had another surprise when my other brother Chris (Uncle Kiss), moved down for a couple of weeks to work at the stores also. We had so much fun swimming, shopping, eating, watching movies, wrestling, and so much more. We are so sad that the fun had to come to end and that they had to head back to Utah to start school. WE REALLY MISS YOU GUYS!! By the way, they are two good-looking, eligible bachelors. If any of you have any cute women to introduce them to, let me know!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

** 40 Things about Me **

I decided to make a list of "a few things about me". Some people do 100, others do 20, and for some reason I decided to do 40! Maybe I will add to it later on and make it 100. So here they are in random order.

1. I love summertime nights in Utah

2. I love to Chew on Ice (which probably contributes to my terrible teeth problems!)

3. I love to watch and play any sport (except hockey and Boxing). I’ve got a lucky Husband.

4. I love to exercise, and I especially love to run - I can’t go a day without it!

5. I have no fashion sense at all, and have to take my Mom or Husband shopping to help keep me in-style and cute. Pathetic I know.

6. I drink water all day, and go through hundreds of water bottles a month. (The tap water in Las Vegas is terrible!)

7. I hate seafood, but am learning to taste different types of fish each week. Take Halibut, Tuna and Mahi Mahi off the list of dislikes! I am sure I will soon be eating Sushi!

8. I am obsessed with getting good at tennis. Luckily my husband is really good and is teaching me. I just got my first tennis outfit!

9. I could never go off sugar. I have to eat some treat at least once a day.

10. I qualified for the Boston Marathon but didn’t end up running it (Sorry Linds!). But I plan on running it sometime in my life.

11. I have never been to the East Coast.

12. I love vacations in Hawaii or anywhere tropical

13. I consider my hands and nails completely ugly (my nails never grow long and pretty)

14. I don’t like to grocery shop, but love having food in the house

15. I love being tan, but I don’t like laying out

16. Two of my favorite places to walk around are Target and Costco (I guess they are probably every young Mom’s favorites!)

17. I love BBQ’S

18. I love being a Mom and wouldn’t want to do anything else in life

19. I love Cookie Dough but not the cookies

20. I love Salads, and can eat one everyday without getting sick of them

21. I Can’t Stand Chuck E Cheese. ( Am I a terrible Mom?)

22. for some reason, I like to hear/read the celebrity gossip each day. (Even though I know I shouldn't care!)

23. I am competitive with any games (even board games!) I blame it on growing up with 5 brothers!

24. I always feel like each lesson I teach in YW’s always needs a treat/thought/favor to go along with it.

25. I am a “picker” with scabs or anything like that. (It is the WORST habit ever!)

26. I hate scary thriller movies, and I WON’T watch them.

27. I am one of the most un-flexible people you will ever meet

28. I LOVE Fall time when the leaves change and I get really excited for College Football

29. I have lived away from home for 5 years now, but still get homesick for my family and make sure I see them every couple months.

30. I worry over silly things, and when a normal person would have forgotten something that happened 3 months ago, I would still be worried sick

31. I am super picky when I cook with chicken, and it takes me an extra 30 minutes to use a knife and fork to cut away any bloody parts, ligaments, or tendons (Sorry!)

32. I don’t enjoy late night movies and it drives my husband crazy. I am an early to bed early to rise girl!

33. I take a safety pin to my eyelashes each time I put mascara on, and separate every eyelash (I have done this for years. It is crazy!)

34. I have the best parents in the world

35. My favorite toppings for Yogurt or Ice Cream are: Sprinkles and Marshmellow Creme

36. I don’t like trying out new restaurants. I like to stick to the ones I know I love

37. I can’t sing at all, and barely open my mouth when I do

38. I am 2 for 2 with babies who do not take a bottle or pacifier, and cry for the first 3 months of life. Go Figure!

39. I can’t honk at other people in cars, because I don’t want to make them feel bad

40. I don’t like talking on answering machines. I do it if I have to, but I definitely prefer not to