Tuesday, November 6, 2007

He's Home

Steve is back! We have all been so anxious for him to come home from his mission. Two years has seemed liked FOREVER! It was so exciting to watch him come down the stairs at the airport. He looks great! It was the first time Steve met Haley, and my older brother's little boy Gavin. The kids fell instantly in love with him. And the brother's/brother-in-law got him right into action. There were plenty of games to watch on T.V., ping-pong challenges, some tennis tournaments, and Scott organized a flag football game for Saturday morning. Nothing like getting the body back in to shape! We love Steve and are so happy to have him home!
Steve and I at the airport
A few of us at the airport

Halloween Fun

We had a great time celebrating Halloween in Utah. It was nice, because it wasn't as cold as it normally is during this time of year. The kids loved Trick-or-Treating! Tyler dressed up as a "Fireman", which he was so proud of. He told us that if he were down with the fires in Southern California, he would put on his fireman outfit and put all of the fires out! He honestly watched the news every night to see what was going on with the fires.
was a witch. And, when asked what she was, Haley told everyone she was a "Cute Witch"! We put make-up on her, which she absolutely loved! She kept asking for more purple on her eyes. She is definitely a girl!