Friday, June 12, 2009

It's About Time !!

I don't even know where to begin with updates, but I can see that this blog is definitely ready for one! I will make it brief, but we have had a lot going on! I know it is long, but you will have to read the 3 stories below. Honestly!

First, we bought a house! Yea! It is so exciting to finally be in something of our own. We are all really enjoying it! I am going to post a few pictures of the inside of it below!

The living room
With the house, we even got this great BBQ in the backyard. Of course, Scott loves it! In fact, we all love it. There is nothing like Summer BBQ's! Another great bonus of the house is it has a rec center that has three pools (which we need in this 100 degree weather!) and a great workout center! It was a perfect buy for us!

Since living here, I have always been so worried that our house would get broken into. I don't know why I always worried, I just did.
It happened while the girls and I were taking Tyler to Kindergarten. We leave everyday at the same time, and apparently they were watching me leave. As soon as I left, they shattered our glass door window and went to work.
The girls and I got back a few minutes later, I opened the garage, walked to the door and opened it. I took one step and didn't feel right. Then I heard the sliding glass door curtains blowing in the wind. My heart Froze. I slammed the door ( I could tell whoever it was, was still upstairs) and I threw the girls in the front seat and sped off to the neighbors.
The police came (1 1/2 hours later!) , and took fingerprints and all of that. Scott had luckily been moving all of the computers, cameras, etc. to the new house so nothing too valuable was taken. Still scared me to death. We definitely have an alarm on this new house!

Then, this awesome little T-Ball/ Baseball player gave us a scare. A few Friday's ago, he came down with a fever, headache, stomach ache, etc. I thought, oh no! He's getting the dreaded stomach flu. Sure enough, that night he threw up. The next day he just layed in bed sleeping, and moaning all day and was still running a fever. That lasted into the next day, which was Sunday! Sunday night, Scott decided he was going to take him to the E.R. to make sure he was okay. We were really worried. After 4 hours there, they left being told it was the stomach flu. The next day, nothing changed. By Tuesday, Scott felt like the ER doctors got it wrong and he decided to take Tyler back in to see his regular pediatrician. After only 10 seconds of listening to his lungs, his doctor said that Tyler had Pneumonia. He couldn't believe that the E.R. missed something so obvious. He put Tyler on some antibiotics and that did the trick after a few days. Poor guy. It took him out for awhile. We are so glad he is back healthy and strong again. He is such a cute little T-ball player!

This sweet little thing scared us too! The other night, she was watching Kate for me. I heard her scream so I came running down stairs. She started throwing up. After she finished she said, "The money! I swallowed the money!" I froze. I thought about calling 911, but she was still breathing. She kept throwing up though. Finally after about the 4th time of it, she sat up and said, "Oh, I'm all better now! I can't feel it anymore!" And started laughing. Goodness. Yes, I had to check each of her poops with a stick the next couple of days, to find the money and make sure it came out. So disgusting! Of course this is only a job mother would take on! It was a NICKLE! I big, thick NICKLE! We are so glad she is okay.

And .....Kate turned 1 !! I can't believe how fast this year went by. Too fast for me. She has been such a joy to have and makes us all so happy. She is starting to walk all around too!

And I think she absolutely LOVED her cake!

Lastly, Scott and I finally took a vacation without the 3 kids for the very first time. My parents came down and stayed with the kids for 5 days while Scott and I went to Scottsdale, Arizona for relaxing, shopping, golfing, etc. We met some of our good friends, the Zollinger's, and had a really great time. I was worried to leave the kids at first, but after the first day, I realized it was really relaxing not having to worry about anyone else. Plus, they were super happy and having a great time. My parents are great! They took care of everything for us. School, baseball parties, sharks reef, and much more.

Here we are after a great round of golf in Arizona! (And Cart driving!!)

The kids with my Dad at Shark's Reef. They are standing in front of a shark (which you can't see!) but they loved it!

I know it has been a long post, but since I haven't posted in a LONG while, I decided I should give a few updates on our life! I know I say it all of the time, but I do want to be better at posting!