Friday, March 28, 2008

Last Few Road Trips

I know I may not be the writer of the family, but I wanted to post a few of the things we have been doing this month. I am getting so close to having this 3rd baby, that we decided to drive to see both of our families. It is probably going to get a little harder, once we add a third child, to do the 4-5 drive. I am down to about 1 month now. YEY!
We started by going down to Southern California to see Scott's family. It was very fun and relaxing. One of the days we took the kids to Lego Land, because none of us had ever been there. The kids seemed to have a great time!
We were also able to be there to celebrate Scott's youngest sister Brooke's "Sweet Sixteen" party! They had about 20 girls go to the 'Old Spaghetti Factory' in Newport. It was hysterical.
Then, last week, Tyler was out of preschool for Spring Break. I decided to brave the trek alone and drive to Utah for the week. Haley only cried for about 3 hours of the drive. Don't ask why, because I have no idea! But, we made it, and Scott flew in on Wednesday to join us for the rest of the week.
We had so much fun celebrating Easter. I wish we had a backyard, because all the kids wanted to do was jump on the tramp and play outside.
We made sugar cookies, decorated Easter Eggs, and had our annual Money Easter Egg Hunt. I swear, all my brother's found the good eggs this year. Haley and I only ended up with $3! Tyler and Scott found about $15, and each of the boys found over $20. Okay, something is wrong with that outcome. I got mad at them for shaking the eggs first, and leaving behind any with a jingle. Little Stinks!
We had such a great trip though. I love Easter and being with my family.

The kids on Easter Sunday!
The kids with Uncle Steve!

I also wanted to post a picture of the girls in the Nash family. I am so excited that there will be 3 of us now. Since I grew up with 5 brothers, it is so nice to add some 'sisters' to the family!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

An Award I Can Applaud

I (Scott, not Angie) go to great lengths to avoid exposure to so-called "celebrity news." The phrase itself is an oxymoron. A half page photo of an actress without makeup on, fumbling to get into her Mercedes AMG with a $6 cappuccino in one hand and a Prada hand bag in the other isn't actually news - or at least it shouldn't be. And no, slapping a caption on the bottom of the photo that reads, "Stars struggle to get into their cars just like Us!" doesn't help.

This week, however, I heard a bit of celebrity news on the radio that got my attention and even made me smile: Sarah Jessica Parker was named the Unsexiest Person in the World. Now, it should be noted that unlike women, men like myself do not ordinarily take pleasure in cutting down, demeaning, backstabbing, or needlessly ruining the reputation of other people. Unlike you, we men don't obsess with drawing unfair and usually inaccurate comparisons with others in a pitiful attempt to somehow lift our own teetering self esteem. It's just too much work to care that much. We would rather just lie on the couch and watch re-runs of MacGyver. That said, I will admit to taking a bit of unjustifiable pleasure when I heard of Ms. Parker's ignominious coronation.

The funny thing is that I'm really not sure why I care. I mean, I have nothing against this woman. I've never met her. She may have donated a kidney to save the life of a common street urchin for all I know. But there has just always been something about her that makes my skin crawl. I don't know if it's because as 14 year old I noticed that in the movie "Honeymoon to Vegas" she didn't shave her legs above mid-thigh even though there was a pool scene (an offense by the way that is inexcusable and should be punishable by death.) I don't know if it's because she makes commercials like this:

I just don't know. All I do know is that I agree with the assessment. This woman should not be getting paid to tell other women what kind of perfume to wear, what kind of hair color to use, where to buy your clothes, and she certainly should not have been the face of a show called "Sex in the City." I swear that every time a commercial for that show came on and I had to be confronted with her ridiculous wanna-be seductive stare into the camera, with a fan blowing her mane of hair, I could only shake my head in disenchanted wonderment. Shoot, even Matthew McConaughey couldn't get along with her. Matthew McConaughey!! Have you seen "A Time to Kill"? What more do you need to know! Seriously.