Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We did it!

We have been gone most of the summer to either Utah or California. This past weekend we were up in Utah for a couple of events. The first, was.... the Hobble Creek Half Marathon. My friend Maressa and I had been planning to run this after both of us had our babies. A week before we were supposed to run, she got injured and couldn't run anymore. I was so sad! Lucky for me, I have the most awesome brother ever!! 13 miles, NO TRAINING, NO PROBLEM! Yes, he ran the whole thing with me with no training at all. And we crossed the finish line in great time too! We had such a fun time running the race. Hopefully we will find another one to run soon!!

The second, was my brother Chris's farewell. He is leaving in one week to Chile. He is such a great guy and will be an awesome missionary. We will all miss him a ton, but are so proud of his decision to go and serve. The kids will really miss him too!~
This weekend we are heading back up to Utah again! I know we are crazy. We just had a few things planned, that had to be rescheduled. Like.... this sweet girls' baby blessing!!

She is an absolute doll! I am loving having her in our family. She is such a smiley, happy little girl. In the bottom picture she looks a little scared. She was smiling, and then every time I snapped the picture, she stopped. One day soon I need to get a really nice camera so this won't happen!
We planned to do her blessing in Utah the last weekend in August, since both families will be up there. It's pretty good timing, since the first BYU game falls on the same weekend. You know Scott is so excited and can't wait!
He already has the kids trained too!

And while I have a picture of Tyler, I want to post a few of my NEW LITTLE KINDERGARTNER. He started yesterday, which was really difficult for me. I was in tears, even though he is only gone for 2 1/2 hours a day. I was having such a hard time with this change. I like my kids home with me, and am just not ready for them to get old so fast. But, today was the second day and it was much easier. I am assuming it will just get easier and easier! Yesterday he wasn't quite sure of the change, but today he was happy when he came home. He is such a good kid, that as long as he is happy and loving it, I am happy!
I will post a few pictures of the blessing and game when we get back. I just really wanted to update our blog. It has been forever, but we have also been gone a lot! Now that school has started, our travel plans will have to change!!