Thursday, February 28, 2008

It took 7 seasons

Alright, first things first, Scott is now temporarily behind the wheel of this family blog. I have sat idly by long enough. And as much as I adore them, there are only so many pictures of my kids, and stories about the park or the zoo or whatever that I can take. It's time to talk about far more pressing issues - like Idol.

For 6 seasons, I intentionally avoided this nonsense and I openly mocked guys like Tobi and Tibbitts who sat cross-legged on the edge of the couch soaking it all in like they were at some pseudo-cultist yoga class. I just couldn't get into it. Angie, on the other hand, like most of you other lemmings, gleefully scheduled her whole week around making time for every show. Meanwhile, I would aimlessly wander the house looking for something else to do, rarely having much success. And then, it happened.

One fateful night a couple weeks ago, I overheard this kid David sing the Bryan Adams song "Heaven." It should be noted that Bryan Adams was a very influential singer during my formative years, and many a church dance was spent swaying to his epic ballads. So when I heard it sung by this kid, I was entranced. Watch for yourself.

The next thing I knew, I was in. I'm committed. How did this happen? Just look at him!! I actually start acting and sounding like Paula Abdul when this kid gets after it. He is so gracious, it is incredibly disarming and it probably drives the other contestants crazy because they wish they could hate him, but how can you hate this kid?

Trust me, I still don't feel totally comfortable about all this. I have gone through a period of self-loathing as a result, but like St. Augustine before me, I offer this post as my Confession.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A much needed visit from Grandma!

Yes, I am finally updating our blog. Thank Heavens for Grandmas! This is a great week for us, because my Mom is here to visit. The kids love it! (Sometimes I truly believe they love her more than me!)

To start off the week, we went with Tyler's Preschool to the Anderson Dairy Farm. It was such a cute little tour that ended with a big bowl of ice cream for all of us! Yummy! - as if we don't eat enough of that already.
Here is Tyler and his Best friend Mo! They have a blast together!

Then, we headed out to the Mirage hotel to check out the "Secret Gardens, Dolphin Habitat". It was actually a really fun place to go. It was set up like a Zoo with plenty of White Lions and tigers. We were really enjoying it until it started pouring rain on us! We were so not prepared. I mean, it never rains in Vegas, right? Considering the weather, we had such a fun time. The kids loved the Dolphins!
And yes, a Baby Bump picture will be coming soon!

We LOVE Grandma!

It started pouring rain right during this picture! Haley obviously was loving it!

And what's a trip with Grandma without all of the fun toys? My Mom always brings the kids the cutest things. She bought Tyler this cool firetruck puzzle, which he loved putting together.

And for little miss Haley, she brought the cutest sunglasses. Haley doesn't like driving in the car without her glasses on, because she hates when the sun gets in her eyes. She cracks me up. She is starting so young!

We also had plenty of time to shop, shop, shop! (Scott, I'm sure, is loving me!) I have so much fun shopping with my mom. We found such cute clothes for the kids. Although, I have decided, that having 2 girls is going to be so difficult. They have the cutest girl clothes, and to have them match is just double the fun. It has been such a great week. We are really going to miss having Grandma here.