Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer Trips

We have had such a great time traveling this summer. We spent a couple weeks in Utah, and were able to go to my brother's wedding, celebrate my Mom's 50th birthday, and just play and relax. The kids had such a great time. Then, we came home for a couple of days and left for Southern California where we celebrated the 4th of July and Tyler's birthday. We loved it! We are back home in the heat now, trying to find things to keep the days fun. But, I wanted to post a few pictures from each of the events. Sorry if it is a little long!

Rich and Kristen on their wedding day. They are darling!!

Although we aren't looking at my camera, you can see how happy Haley was during the whole reception! We had a great time though.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! We were able to throw her a surprise party for her 50th! (Even though she doesn't look it!) She is beautiful and wonderful and we love her dearly!

Here is my family at my Mom's party! It was so fun being all together!

I don't think Tyler and Haley ever came inside while we were in Utah. Between swimming, jumping, swinging, and riding bikes they were in heaven.

Then for the 4th we headed to the beach. The kids had such a fun time!
We also got to celebrate ......

Tyler's birthday!!! Yes, he turned 5 on the 4th of July. He only wanted an army party, and so Scott and I decked him out in this awesome outfit! All he wanted for his party, was for a real "ARMY MAN" to come and visit. We were lucky enough to call the army right after dinner and they told us to be expecting someone soon. Guess who showed up...

That's right! Officer Johnson showed up for Ty! He loved it, but was a little confused. We dressed Scott's brother Peter up, which Tyler was catching onto. But, in the end we talked him into believing it was really Officer Johnson!

I tried my best to turn his favorite cake (The German Chocolate Cake) into an army tank. Tyler loved it!

My two darling girls on the 4th of July! Haley loves holding Kate!

We went to watch fireworks that night at Brandon and Brittany's home in Ladera. They put on such a great firework show!

Here is Scott's whole family watching the fireworks. Jake was so cute, because he just loved Kate, as you can see in the picture. He always wanted to be right next to her!