Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Football Time Again

We love fall time around this house, because it means Football time again. Scott and Tyler both love playing and watching football. My Mom flew down a couple of weeks ago to watch the kids while Scott and I flew to Texas for the BYU / Oklahoma game. The Cowboy's Stadium is amazing! Some of our good friends that we met in the bay area now live in Texas so it made it a perfect place for all of us to stay. We flew in from Vegas, Vincent's flew in from Pleasanton, and Warren's flew in from Utah. It was a great weekend! And winning the game made it even better!

Scott, Tobi, Joey and Dave

Katie, Steph, Me, Lauren and Maressa

Also, fall time means school begins! Tyler started first grade this year and is LOVING it! He has a great teacher and is in a brand new school. It was a harder adjustment for me to have him gone all day then it was for him to be gone! Funny how that works!

Haley started preschool. She absolutely loves going! It is only 2 days a week, but she wishes it were everyday!

That just leaves Kate at home with me 2 mornings a week. It is so fun just spending time with her. She lives in this bathing suit. She wakes up, and brings me her suit to put on. Then, she'll just walk around all day until I take her to the pool or outside!

And, finally, Scott had a birthday this past week. Poor guy turned 30 and his whole body started falling apart. He has really bad back problems right now and so we are hoping he won't have to go in for surgery. Make a wish that your back will heal!!!