Friday, December 21, 2007

We are having A...

Yes! That is right! Pink means that we are adding another girl to the family. Haley is thrilled that it is another girl. Tyler was completely sure it was going to be a boy. All he could say was, "Oh Man! Not another one!"

We are really excited for this baby, and are happy that she is healthy and growing stong. Now, we just need her to take a pacifier, take a bottle, not cry very much, and like the car! That's not too much to ask right? We were not as lucky with the first two!

We are already up in Utah for the Holiday, and the kids are having a blast. They love the snow! I wanted to post a picture of them running out to the snow first thing this morning. And, I mean first thing. They love it! We hope you all have a Merry Christmas, and we will be back to blogging when we get back. Maybe for the New Year, I will make it a goal to post more on our blog!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Funny Monkey!

I signed Haley up for her first gymnastics class a few weeks ago. She absolutely LOVES it! I knew she would, considering how bouncy and flexible she is. I had to post this picture, because she is actually really obedient to the teacher! (What happened to obeying her mom?? Who knows!) But, when she is told to sit on her yellow dot, she always does! Here are a few pictures of her swinging, balancing, and enjoying herself.
She does Handstands against the wall all over the house now! She is so proud!
She has No Fear of the Bar, at all! Makes me a little worried!
It has been such a fun class for her!

Kauai for Thanksgiving...without kids

For Thanksgiving this year, we left our kids with my parents and went to the island of Kauai with Scott's family. This was the first time I had ever left my kids for that long of a time and so I was a little nervous before we left. But, of course, we ended up having a great time, and so did the kids - they love spending time with their grandparents and uncles. I really appreciate my family for all of their help! I am so lucky to have them. Hawaii was beautiful, and we had great weather almost the whole week. I also realized I am a much better picture taker when the kids are around. I kept forgetting my camera, and so to see more pictures, you may have to check my sister-in-laws' pages! Here are a few things we did while there.
We went on a Zodiac boat, basically an over-sized raft, for a 5 hour ocean-trip to the NaPali Coast. A bit of advice, don't ride on this if you are pregnant. Yes, I didn't take that advice and hopped right on. As you can imagine, I was over the side of the boat feeling terrible! Scott's sister Jenny was right with me. But it was a fun experience for the rest of the crew! On the way back it was raining, and we were still cruising. So rain was pelting us as we rode back to the dock. Ouch! We all look lovely in this picture!
One of the days, we went Kayaking up a river, where we ditched the kayaks, and hiked to a really pretty waterfall. The water was freezing, and so the only people who got in were Mike (Shannon's husband), Peter (Scott's brother), and Brooke (Scott's sister). Fun for them!

The last day was the Utah vs. BYU Game. We were able to watch it in a Sport's Bar, which as you can imagine, made Scott's day. He gets so into those games, it is hysterical. Pacing around, hands on his head! It makes me laugh! But, I love it, and wouldn't have it any other way. It turned out great with BYU winning in dramatic fashion once again. It was a great trip, and we are grateful to Scott's parents for having us all go.