Sunday, July 29, 2007

Family Hike

So, what do you do when the weather is 110 degrees outside, but you want to find something adventurous to do because Uncle Rich needs to experience Las Vegas? You go on a hike! At least that's the conclusion we came to the other day. We packed up the car with water and snacks and drove to Red Rock to take the kids hiking. Tyler ended up loving it, especially when he was in the lead. We kept telling him he might see spiders, scorpions, or maybe even a mountain lion. Well, at least we spotted a few lizards for the little guy. That was enough for him to decide that he really wants to go again sometime.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Haley is really into saying "Cheese" for every picture. She is such a sweet little thing. But, don't let her fool you! She definitely has some spunk in her. Just ask her older brother Tyler. He tells everyone... "Ya- Haley, she's just a piece of work!" Has he been listening to his Mom lately??? NEVER!! We just LOVE HALEY!

Tyler's 4th of July Birthday

For Tyler's 4th birthday on the 4th of July, he wanted to go boating. Thanks to Grandpa Nash, his wish came true. This picture is of Tyler driving the boat. We also had a "Bug Themed" friends birthday party, and Tyler wanted his Dad to be the "BUG MAN" and take he and all of his friends on a Bug Hunt. We had to take pictures of the occasion.

Birthday Pictures

The BUG HUNT! Is that outfit a little tight for this Hot Bug Man?? Ha! Ha!

Here are a few of the kids in their Bug Masks. Haley is on the left, and Tyler on the right.
Tyler wanted to show us what a Scary bug he was. Thank you Tyler for that face!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

We Finally Started a Blog

Everyone has been telling me that I need to start a blog, and join the blogging world. I decided to finally get ours up and going. YEAH! I will make sure Scott adds his two cents when he feels inspired, and I will take care of the pictures and family updates.